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Kesha, "Raising Hell (Live)" (ft. Big Freedia).

Music video. (No underlying theme – I just found it rather joyful, and I'm digging joyful-feeling music during this time.)
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Kesha decides to reclaim her party roots from her thorny past, and it's a total blast. Thanks for sharing this!

Joyful music is basically Lizzo's jam, if you aren't already listening to her. I'm also on board with Carly Rae. And it's okay to dig back... the first two Paula Abdul albums are totally great.
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Yessssss, party Kesha! I love Praying and True Colors and Die Young and Tik Tok, so I'm excited to see this song plus the promise of an entire album.

Two great lines for me in the new song: "only God can judge this holy mess" and "But I don't wanna go to heaven without raisin' hell".

Huge content warning on the official video, btw, for domestic violence. Stick to the live (first link) or lyric videos if you want to avoid.
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I’m so glad to see Freedia getting some stage time. She’s been a popular featured artist for a while, but conspicuously missing from videos and performances. Which is dumb, considering her infectious joy and stage presence.
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