The touchdown did not count, of course
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A black cat appeared on the playing field during a Dallas Cowboys–New York Giants game. Announcer Kevin Harlan's call was purr-fect. (Cindy Boren, WaPo). Youtube also has Harlan's call, along with another video of fan reactions (including non-human fans).
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h/t Fizz
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I was at a party at a venue and they were showing this game above the bowling lanes and like everything stopped when the cat came on, and even those of us who aren't really football fans were transfixed. More cats-less concussions.
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Sab Cat engages in direct action once again.
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I always feel worried for animals in these situations and hope they're not too scared or confused.
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In true cat form, it takes a pause right before it reaches the end zone because it seems to know that this is what we want the cat to do, so very “Fuck you, I'll do what I want when I want, I'm a cat.”
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If I may fan out for a moment, this call shows how amazing Kevin Harlan is at his job not just because he calls the cat's "touchdown" so hilariously well, but because he seamlessly segues between calling the actual game and goofy nonsense about the animal on the field without confusing the listener. Joe Buck could never.
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gah thanks for posting this. my nfl fandom went from 100 to 0 over the past few years so i probably wouldn't have run across this goddamn delightful moment. the nfl films treatment by the checkdown is fantastic as well.

(harlan is GOAT)
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This could spawn a whole bunch of new folsky sayings:

"Like a panicked cat in the end zone."

"Running like a cat at the 10 yard line."

"Like a long-tailed cat on a field full of cleats."

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Thank heavens the cat didn’t stop to protest murder by police!
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Hopefully this cat is alright. When this happened in a San Jose Sharks game, the cat got the nickname "Jo Pawvelski" and was later adopted.
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Love Kevin Harland.
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My wife and I simultaneously said to each other that this must have been planned. A black cat in the first MNF game after Halloween? Too coincidental. Someone knew what's up. Follow the money.
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"And the cat is in the CDW Red Zone" was great. Agree Harlan is awesome.

"The guy is drunk, but there he goes!" is another great one.
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Adopted by a Sharks player and their family, in fact!
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NFL has had the video in the YouTube link above taken down.
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Too bad Deadspin isn’t around to make fun of the media coverage of this.
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NFL has had the video in the YouTube link above taken down.

That lines up with what I think the NFL I am familiar with. They're not about fun or good will. It's profit, patriotism, & propaganda.
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You can't watch the video in MetaFilter's embedded player, but you can still click through to watch it on the YouTube site.
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Never count out Touchdown Tomcat.
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The fan reaction video was hilarious. Hard to beat cat hijinks but there were some squirrel shenanigans at a Twins game this past summer.
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Action shot
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I don't watch sports, so I get all my sports news from Sled Dog Sports Network, and they kept me up to date on this valuable content.
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"Checkerflagman, throw that yellow bird at me see what happens"
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I live next to the stadium. I'd bet that's the same cat that wanders through my yard on a regular basis....
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There is a feral/homeless cat problem around MetLife Stadium. PuppyKittyNYC wants to help those animals, and needs money, supplies, and foster homes to do so.
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I was watching the game Monday night, so saw the cat live. The poor thing looked very scared, so I was feeling kinda bad about it. However, I did come across this Slate article, which includes a story about a stay cat running out on the field of an A's game in 1990. Then manager, Tony La Russa, ended up rescuing the cat and starting an his own rescue organization, ARF. So that's pretty neat!
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Alan Taylor, The Atlantic: Animals on the Playing Field
It’s not just Monday Night Football cat—animals all over the world find themselves caught up in our games. Below, a recent collection of photos of some of the kangaroos, cats, opossums, dogs, bees, deer, squirrels, alligators, and many other animals who have taken it upon themselves to intrude on us humans while we were in the middle of our many important sporting events.
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I'd be surprised if most stadiums didn't have a feral cat population. A ton of available food waste to eat, plus the rodents that the waste attracts, often a fairly open construction that a feline would have no trouble entering, and I suspect the resident workers will be often happy to encourage cats over rats. The only thing I could see preventing it is that I presume that they often use poison for rodent control, which will kill any predatory cats in short order.
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As you'd expect when it comes to football, the Canadian version of this is better: this rabbit was not flagged for its awesome touchdown celebration.

it's astonishing to watch something less than a foot high get six feet of air. If I could jump like that I could bypass the stupid escalators at the mall.
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