The Day Today and On the Hour
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'You've lost the news!' How The Day Today changed satire forever Full of immaculately prepared insanity, The Day Today scrambled the brains of television news in a way never seen before. Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci made a satirical news show whose target was the news show itself, with every one of its conventions and excesses lovingly recreated in bent form.

Here are all six episodes and a pilot. Their predecessor, On the Hour, skewered radio news with similar thoroughness: (iTunes season 1 + season 2; YouTube playlist). Everyone went on to work in British comedy, but Steve Coogan not only started here but birthed Alan Partridge as an over-confident and under-informed sport correspondent.

As a bonus: this interview with John Finnemore (whose own Cabin Pressure is a work of radio comedy genius) about the wonderful shock of discovering On the Hour for himself.
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My first experience of Morris was his GLR show on Friday afternoons - at the end of the two (?) hours I was in shock - the real news came on and I found it completely implausible. One of the few genuinely life-changing comedy experiences of my life, usually signified by my laughing so hard I forgot to breath and began to worry for my life.

Cook'd & Bomb'd have uploaded some of them to YouTube - here's a compilation, for example. The real thing didn't move at quite that pace (there were records played throughout the programme, for example), but it catches the sheer bewilderment of it.
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(Listening through it, the compiler went mostly for Michael Alexander St John and Feedback Reports, understandably, but the show also contained news reports like On the Hour.)
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The Day Today > Brass Eye

I am not taking any questions at this time.
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It’s war
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I first came across The Day Today by means of bootlegged VHS tapes available for rent from a hip Toronto video store. It was a revelation.
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I love Ianucci and first came across The Day Today in this thread, so muchos gracias and dl'ing now!
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Britain - It's Alright continues its 20+ year run of shocking relevance.
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Back in the GLR days a lot of cutting edge comedy was going on. Even Chris Evans was good then. I remember this show and being fascinated by it. It was must listening and I recorded it every week. Sadly lost. Thank you for this.
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Chris Morris is brilliant. His improvisation with Peter Cook was a work of Art, all the way down to the tiniest micro-Christ.
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Such a strong cast — I had forgotten how funny Doon Mackichan was in these until I rewatched. Thanks for the links to On The Hour, too!
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The Day Today was pretty good, but some of the racehorses' names were just silly.
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