Playing With Light
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Christopher Short is a Santa Fe-based artist who likes to play with light. His physical creations include stylized agave [detail video of the light tubes], hanging boxes, and little fire tubes. He has created award winning laser shows. He also plays with ultraviolet lasers on glow-in-the-dark screens.

Full disclosure: Christopher Short is a friend of mine.
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The link "shows" above is a Bjork song, and the ultraviolet laser video real reveal is at the very end.
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Those fire tubes are fascinating, though I get the sense that the video doesn't do them justice.
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Christopher Short, Laser Artist,

Santa Fe, New Mexico, eh? I bet those agave lights are UFO beacons.
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Short is currently a member of the Board of Directors for ILDA (International Laser Display Association), and is running for its President.

He’s also a 7-time ILDA Awards winner (2013, 2014, 2016). A short compilation video of 2018 ILDA Awards winners is here, and a full video playlist of individual 2018 winners is here.
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