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West High School security assistant Marlon Anderson returned to work Tuesday after his firing and reinstatement last month that brought a spotlight to the Madison School District’s zero tolerance practice for the n-word. Anderson was fired Oct. 16 for using the n-word in an Oct. 9 incident in telling a student not to call him that word. The incident drew international ridicule and anger, and sparked a walkout of students and staff. Arne Duncan weighed in. Cher offered to bankroll a lawsuit.
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Bunch of white people firing a black guy for telling a smartass kid "Don't you call me a Ni-CLANG." Real woke white people made me proud to be an American, you bet.

I am glad this reversal happened, but won't be holding my breath while I await news of the consequences for the idiots who had to be reversed.
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"It’s like I went to my own funeral and heard all the good things that people said, but I was alive.”

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Zero Tolerance policies should not be tolerated.
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