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A Bardi/Nyiyaparli great grandmother from Port Hedland in Western Australia's Pilbara region obtained her provisional licence for the first time last week, despite many people within her community suggesting she may have left it too late.

"Winnie Sampie, 75, was determined to get her licence to help her ailing older sister get to the doctor for regular check-ups." Prior to getting her license she was using a mobility scooter (gopher) and before that she would walk into town.

A note on Australianisms- Western Australia, like all Australian states and territories, has a novice driver licensing system where newly licensed drivers put P-plates on their car to show their Provisional License status.
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As a mumbletysomething non-driver, I find this inspirational.
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Very cool. I'm so pleased she had a community group that was able to help her navigate the bureaucracy.
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