"As usual, we're looking at true stories."
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Martin Simpson is a British folk/blues songwriter, a virtuoso guitarist & a great raconteur. Here he is relating two of the surprising and touching tales behind songs on his new album Rooted. The capsule descriptions of each song are Simpson's own, taken from this article. "Ken Small salvaged a Sherman Duplex Drive tank from Start Bay in Devon, which led to the story of the tragic Operation Tiger of 1944 off the Devon coast being recognised and told," he explains. "More Than Enough was written by Robb Johnson and it was in the repertoire of my late father-in-law, Roy Bailey for many years."
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I love acoustic fingerstyle. And these are great songs and interesting stories, btw. Thanks !
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Here’s a side-by-side of Simpson’s St James Hospital and Dom Flemon’s St James Infirmary. Nicely takes you across the Atlantic.

Btw I love that Simpson has all these tutorials and Tabs up on his page!
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While I'm linking Martin Simpson videos, here's a couple more: Never Any Good With Money is a tribute to his father, and Thomas Drew's about the man John Hardy shot. He's got so many great songs.
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He's fantastic live too, well worth seeing if you get the chance. I didn't know he had a new album, thanks for the post.
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He’s the father of some childhood pals! Haven’t thought of him in years, thanks.
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Boots of Spanish Leather (a Bob Dylan cover) by Martin Simpson is one of my favorite songs, period. I just love it.
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