Great Chafing Moonboots!
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Friends Again......that terrific wee Glasgow band of the mid-late eighties -wiki here- are to have their sole and debut album "Trapped and Unwrapped" given the thirty Year anniversary treatment from those wonderful people at Cherry Red Records

Depending on which of your friends you're arguing with at the time and how much beer has been consumed beforehand, the album contains either 16 flawless beauties or six solid gold classics plus ten paler variants thereof.
The unarguable classics include: Honey at the Core
State of Art
and Sunkissed
The re-release doesn't hit until later this month but nothing's lost by getting your ears re-attuned to this particular loud and lovely wavelength.
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That was pretty great. Gotta say I wasn't expecting the moonboots. I like the singer's delivery, not at all what the music immediately would've suggested.
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The Orange Juice influence is strong, and they're not exactly timeless classics, but solid Scottish pop played w/wit, a sense of the ridiculous, and occasionally a palpable dash of real joy. A few more:

Lucky Star
Vaguely Yours
Old Flame
Swallows in the Rain
South of Love
Lullaby No. 2

Friends Again definitely deserve a place in any retro 80s DJ set.
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Nevereardofem … but they did lead on to Love and Money, who made the ultra-80s Candybar Express
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Sounds like a mixture of Deacon Blues and Aztec Camera.

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The album is available on Spotify, so I listened to it this morning and it is indeed somewhat Orange Juicey, slightly too twee for my taste right now, but not bad.
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