Mouse deer
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Mouse deer.
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Mouse, dear?
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No thanks, I'm trying to cut back.
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            2019-11-13 11:56 PM     MOUSE       <DIR>
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Scouse beer
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🎶 we'll take our own chances, and pay our own dues / the silver backed chevrotain, I 🎶
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Mouse-k-deers always come in packs of three.
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I like this paragraph. Packed full o' stuff.
The silver-backed chevrotain is a half-painted beast. Behind the russet head, neck and front legs lies a silver-grey body and hind legs rounded off by a white, grizzled bottom. Though probably preyed on by leopards, wild dogs and pythons, scientists fear that snares laid by hunters have pushed the species to the brink of extinction. Despite the name, they are neither mice nor deer, but the world’s smallest ungulate, or hoofed animal.
But I hate to think of their poor little russet heads and grizzled bottoms being hunted through the wilds of Vietnam.
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I know this is supposed to be good for this cute little thing, but I worry that it'll be the worst thing that happened to it because it's so cute. Next thing you know it'll be poking its head out of a handbag in the Upper West Side, drugged up to keep it collapsing from anxiety, habitat back in Vietnam being destroyed to feed a fleeting influencer fad.
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Mousedeers are native to this region! and so you can find it throughout, not just Vietnam. It's such an iconic little beast that in many of the indigenous cultures, it exists in folktales as a trickster character (Twitter thread).
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Mouse Rat - The Pit
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Where do you live?

In M'ouse, dear.
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More closely related to whales than mouses.

But more closely related to deer than whales.

did you forget that whales are artiodactyls, because I did
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It has tiny hooves! Tiny tip-tapping hooves.
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Also, pudu.

Pudu! (youtube link)


That last is a link to Bob Harris's defunct blog, which is where I learned about the tiniest South American deer. He has, or had, a series of funny posts. Searching 'pudu' gets them.

There seems to be an ecological niche of wee quivering beasties that tiny deer have evolved to fill.

And cendawanita, that's the best twitter thread ever.
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The new Pokemon looks pretty cool.
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My favorite pudu. I am now seeking mouse deer in comic form, as I'm sure they will be equally adorable.
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Are you sure they aren't messing with us? Like those stuffed jackalopes mounted behind the bar in Wyoming saloons?
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I am now seeking mouse deer in comic form, as I'm sure they will be equally adorable.

when i was growing up, these local animations were legendary (unfortunately no subtitles). These days, our best-known animation studios are cgi-based (and pretty good! i think one of their latest movies in this studio just found themselves in an unexpected oscars campaign), but at least these are subtitled in english.
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Metafilter: I came for the jackalope, but stuck around for the pudu.
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Mouse deer to the left of me
Jackalopes to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle Pudu
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I feel like everyone should be aware of this extremely important information.
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This is about the Mouse Deer, as you will see, if you are patient enough.

In the summer of 1966 I was the point man on a long range patrol somewhere between the Song Be and the La Nha River valley. I nearly stepped on a huge boa constrictor that was lying across our route of travel. This critter was laid out in a nearly straight line, half hidden by secondary and primary foliage. A huge bulge in its body a couple of feet from its head indicated that it had recently eaten something.

I actually had put my foot on it before I saw it, and it responded by hissing at me. I was so startled that I nearly shot it before I regained some measure of composure. I just stood there for a moment looking at it: six or seven feet to the right of me, six or seven feet to the left of me. It's head was wider that both my hands placed side by side. It was clear that it just wanted to be left alone to digest its meal in peace, and anyhow I didn't want to get near its head.

I looked back at my team leader, standing a few meters behind. He gave me an inquisitive look, so I said, "Snake," in a soft voice. You know, trying to be quiet. He looked at me with an expression I read to mean: WTF you asshole, this is Vietnam. It's all snakes here.

I pointed to the ground before me, and he stepped up to see. "Holy shit," was his professional assessment. The RTO, standing behind the TL stepped up to see what was going on. His comment was similar to the TL's. Pretty soon all six of us were standing around looking at this huge snake. We had a short discussion, trying to figure if we could bring the critter back with us. Our discussion was not fruitful, so we left it in peace.

Keep in mind that we were on a recon patrol, not a nature walk. Anyhow, I looked about the area, and I saw a bunch of these mouse deers. I'm pretty sure the snake had recently eaten one of them. They were actually pretty tame, for, while they didn't walk right up to us, they didn't seem to disturbed by our presence. For a years I thought they were a critter called an agouti, a sort of large rodent. I guessed I had seen a pack of agouti. But eventually I learned that agouti lived in South America or some place, not Vietnam. Now I guess what I saw was a herd of mouse deers.
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