and now we tear one of them open
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A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking, or: now we're cookin' with graphs. If you want the gory mathematical details, here's the paper. And, via a bread simulation segue, here's some tearing and breaking stuff.
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Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
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You can't have your cake and eat it, though.
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The Uncanny Bakery.
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Wow, this is amazing stuff! I'm amazed that the same basic system can handle both the bread baking and the raisin making very realistically, not to mention the marshmallow. I do wonder how much parameter tweaking by hand they had to do to get the demos to look so good...
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All very impressive from a technical perspective, but that s'more is a culinary crime.
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Can I play this on Steam yet?
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Three of the five authors of the baking and cooking paper have published papers directly through Disney Animation in the past. One, Joseph Teran, worked on the snow simulation method which was developed expressly for the movie Frozen.

It's posible that Disney asked for better baking and cooking simulation in case Rataoutille 2 gets greenlit.
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I’d pay money to push armadillos down flights of stairs.
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As someone who spent 12 years cooking for a living and developing my own idiosyncratic mental models of how heat transforms various ingredients and concoctions over time, this is fucking amazing. My jaw dropped when they cut open the lava cake.
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Foolish humans ... they use their puny computers to simulate baking breads so large that they dare not bake. But one day they will bake a bread so large it will destroy them!
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The simulation hypothesis now seems more plausible. Except for the "turtles" issue.
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Watching this is making me hungry, which I guess is the ultimate proof of success.
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