Dorktown Goes For Two
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The Jon Bois/Alex Rubenstein joint Dorktown has another pairing of text and video, this time centered around running the ball in football. On the video side, we have the story of how Chiefs QB Steve Bono executed the most improbable 76 yard touchdown run ever, while in print the duo discusses Barry Sanders, and his penchant for racking up yardage without getting the ball in.
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Aw man, I was gonna do some work. Maybe tomorrow.
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Can anyone explain why I'm not seeing anything but a green screen when I play this in my Firefox browser? It's weirding me out Restarted, got better...disregard/delete
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It's not a green screen! It's the whole point of the video -- the defenders were so fooled that the entire field was empty!
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This episode of Dorktown was great. By the way, the "unsportsmanlike play" video mentioned in passing is episode 13 of SB Nation's Pretty Good, Randall Cunningham Seizes the Means of Production.
In 1987, Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan and quarterback Randall Cunningham ran the most unsportsmanlike play in NFL history. The Dallas Cowboys totally deserved it.
The episode, nominally about a single play, is about the 1987 NFL player's strike. It was previously discussed on Metafilter here.
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Yeah, but will they ever break down the Beluga rugby game of 2019?
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we have the story of how Chiefs QB Steve Bono executed

Almost had an execution in the Browns—Steelers game tonight…
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And Part 2 is up, where new Lions coach Mister Fumble uses Jon's chaos play to do better than 0-16.
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