"I have to buy containers and pickling salt."
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CBC: "Captain Dick Stevenson, a true Yukon original who 'invented' one of the territory's oddest claims to fame — a drink with a severed human toe in it — has died." For more background on the sourtoe cocktail, along with stories about thefts (and donations) of the key ingredient, see Metafilter previously, previously, previously, and also previously.
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Stevenson grew up in Nictau, N.B., and always lived a "footloose, fancy-free, very colourful life," his daughter said.

I see what she did there.

Wishing those ten little piggies of his a successful debut in their new careers.

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Love that he’s giving the Nimoy Salute in that pic.
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He sounds like a real original. Tonight I will raise a glass toe his memory.
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"I'm pretty sure I'm the only daughter in history that has to, following my dad's will, make sure that his toes are removed and dried and make it up to Dawson City," Dixie said on Thursday.

Drinks all round!
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I wonder if he ever saw The Big Lebowski.
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"I don't mind the toe, but there's no way I could drink a beer glass full of champagne."

Beer glass full of champagne? is the Apple Newton of toe drinking.
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I'm sure he lived a full, varied, and complicated life. . . but, the two sentences worth of information I knew about this guy before today convince me that I'd like to hang out with him.

Is there some established way to give your entire body for organ donation, followed by medical training, followed by body-farm experiments, followed by cremation of the useless bits, but with the exception that your toes must be removed first and donated to a specific bar?

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In what amounts to a happier (?) ending as far as frostbite aftermaths go, Nick Griffiths managed to repatriate his toes to the country where the frostbite that led to losing them occurred, and came back to meet with Dick Stevenson in September of this year.

And yes, that was his own toe in the glass.
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