You're not going to scratch me, are you?
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Feral Cat Documentary is a 22m long video of a man in his backyard slowly getting to know a feral cat that hunts squirrels and birds in the wildlife refuge on the other side of his fence. Anyone who has tried to know a cat will know this story. It has a happy ending.

Pulled from the recent post by not_the_water of the AV club's 100 things on the web.
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I love the narrator's cadence when he's describing what's going on. He's like a backyard Marty Stouffer!

Our first family pet was a feral kitten that my mom brought home from work. It was a gorgeous cat - thick glorious orange coat. My parents would catch fish for him, and cook and freeze them for meals (this was not an act of love - but thriftiness - my parents would not pay for actual pet food when nature provided for free).

But for a 8 year kid, it was not a fun cat to have - it would alternate between the moods of 'Okay, you can look at me but don't try to pet me' and 'I am going to tear your finger apart! I said no petting!' So I was only a little bit sad when he ran away. But still - somewhat sad.
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only a little sad
but still, somewhat sad

I leave it to others to continue this poem
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A ridiculously handsome kitty, that.
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The glare in return from the cat after the pan up to the squirrel says "Really? You HAD to install a screen door?"
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I think this is the correct link for the n_t_w post.
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[I subbed that link in for the broken one; hippybear, let me know if you want it to be something different.]
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everything is perfect, thank you
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i hope the family that adopts that cat knows what they're in for. turning a feral cat into a house cat is quite a project.
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Cats managed to domesticate another human. When will we learn?
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@elkevelvet with apologies:

only a little sad
but still, somewhat sad


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