The global, omnivorous sonic diet of SVBKVLT, cyber beyond cyber
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SVBKVLT is a digital label, based in Shanghai, China, but pulling in artists and fostering collaborations spanning the globe. For example, Indonesia’s Gabber Modus Operandi, who mix metal/noise with Indonesian happy hardcore, to gamelan sounds and everything in between (FACT Mag pick), and Ugandan producer Slikback (Soundcloud), whose sound moves fluidly between influences like trap, gqom, footwork, and a number of East African regional styles (TMT interview).
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"Cyber beyond cyber" was the three word review left on Calling by Zaliva-D, which itself is merging of artists sounds. The original tracks in the EP are from Beijing based audio/visual duo Zaliva-D, with remixes from Dis Fig (PTP), Citizen Boy (Gqom Oh!) and Tayhana (Naafi).
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William Gibson mutters “dammit” under his breath and deletes the para he was writing about the unsigned Indonesian gabber scene
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Listening to HOXXXYA's "Padang Galaxxx" right now and my ears feel assaulted in the most strangely pleasing way.
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Awesome, glad others are digging this, too.

Quick note: the band is Gabber Modus Operandi, and their album is HOXXXYA. Bandcamp puts album titles above the band names.
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Half way through HOXXXYA, and am definitely digging this. excellent find
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I know all of these musicians personally and it's deeply lovely to see 'em on the blue
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