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It's well into November, which means we're well into the holiday advertising season. And this ad for Argo's Book of Dreams is going to be hard to top. Featuring Nandi Bushell.

Who's Nandi Bushell? Here she is playing with Lenny Kravitz.
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IKEA is better.
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The kids are all right.
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I only just learned of Nandi Bushnell thanks to a Facebook video. That little girl is amazing and fierce and I hope she continues living the life that she wants to.
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This ad is adorable.
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I think Bill Bailey might be owed some royalties after this.
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My husband and my son are both drummers. As I said when someone posted this ad to my Facebook, potential shoppers should be aware that a pair of drummers constitutes a full house.
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IKEA is better.

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Argos catalogue (46s.)
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All (?) of the past Argos Book of Dreams.

(There are a bunch of other Argos catalogues on the Internet Archive, but they're scattered about.)
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All that just to sell those, admittedly awesome, slippers she wears?
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I had to find those slippers.
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The song in the IKEA ad is great and I love all the household trinkets coming to life, but the ultimate message behind the ad is "yes actually your house IS too shitty to entertain people, the only solution is to buy new shit," and man I just can't get behind that. Your house is fine and you shouldn't feel bad about it, your friends still love you for who you are, and if they're going to give you shit because your dining room table is a little old, tell them they were never welcome anyways!

Also I'm biased towards the Argos ad because I am totally that dad wannabe drummer and if I ever had a child and they asked me for a drumset for a present, a small part of my heart would flutter. (I probably wouldn't think about the infernal racket until a few minutes later.)
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"Hmmm. 100 $1 hookerbots, or one $100 hookerbot?" -- Bender Rodriguez
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