The Theban Royal Mummy Project
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The Theban Royal Mummy Project presents photographs of, and archaeological data about, mummies buried in the Theban Necropolis. The mummies are organised into galleries by dynasty, with many special exhibits. For some exciting spots to jump in, try reading about the Younger Lady, whom some identify as Nefertiti (she probably isn't) or the Mummy on the Boat, a centuries-old mystery. (Warning: All links contain images of unwrapped mummies.)

The TRMP is almost 20 years old, still regularly updated, and a labour of love by Pennsylvania psychotherapist William Max Miller.
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Just in time for the annual celebrations of Osiris Claus!
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This is very cool! I also love how the website itself is a bit of a relic.
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I've been extremely fascinated by this stuff since seeing the huge Tutankhamun exhibit in Chicago in the mid 1970s when I was five years old. It's one of my earliest and most vivid early childhood memories. Many aspects of my life have been touched by that visit to the museum with my parents and brothers, and the subsequent watching of the slide-show they bought that played along with tape recorded narration.

One thing I'm curious about, completely seriously: What did these tombs smell like when they were opened in the early 20th century, some 3000 years after being sealed? Was there any smell at all other than desert dust? A faint whiff of spices? I try to put myself in the shoes of Howard Carter, who (it's alleged) entered the tomb the night before its official opening along with his daughter, where they saw all these wonders by candlelight. Bad, sloppy scientists. But I'd give nearly anything to have experienced that.
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