The city is roaring around these tiny sounds, but it’s not masking them
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We've mentioned Visible Cloaks here before - member Spencer Doran makes interesting oddball mixes, and curated Light In The Attic Records’ Kankyo Ongaku compilation of Japanese Ambient music.
As part of the promotion cycle for this year’s Serenitatem album (a collaboration with composers Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano), Visible Cloaks have released a new mix for FACT of tape experiments, found sound, minimal classical, ambient, and similar things. Recommended if you like to feel happy, and maybe if you have missed The Books.

The title comes from “Kits Beach Soundwalk”, by Hildegard Westerkamp, which Carlisle and Doran excerpt and remix a good chunk of near the start of the mix.
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This is amazing. I love this so much. Somehow I missed all of the previous posts but Visible Cloaks is now definitely on my radar. Thank you!
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I always look out for new mixes from Doran, the dude is a legend. If you like what you hear, just go to his soundcloud where he posts almost all of them. The three "Top Tracks" listed there happen to be his most interesting and engaging, in my opinion, so that'd be a great place to start. That Interni Italiani mix nails an incredible aesthetic I didn't even know existed. It's practically worldbuilding.
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I e-mailed Hildegard Westerkamp a few weeks ago and she got back to me today, so this is some high level synchronicity for me.
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Man, looking at that new mix's tracklist, this is perhaps the most powerful artist/track title I've ever seen:

Ryuichi Sakamoto – ‘Microsoft Sound Logos (Rejected)’
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