Then Annie moved in.
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Artist in Residence (SL Guernica) An essay by Lawrence Levi about Annie Ross, adolescence, New York City in the late '80s, ADD, and living with a jazz legend somewhat unawares.
We didn’t cook together in our apartment’s narrow galley kitchen, but if we had she might have told me she’d once written a cookbook. The title was Annie Ross Says ‘Come On In!’ and Try Her Favourite Recipes. On the cover she’s sitting on a kitchen counter in a black evening dress holding a very full goblet of wine, her auburn hair exploding into a massive shag.
(Disclosure: Lawrence Levi is a friend of mine.)
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beautiful story - i only knew Twisted from the Joni Mitchell cover and now i'm discovering a wonderful new-to-me voice - thank you for sharing this
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I've been just getting into Annie Ross lately, this article is coming at a very opportune time. Thanks!
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This is a wonderful essay.
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My dad is a major jazz lover, and growing up I really hated all the dissonance and seeming randomness of the music he liked best. He finally won me over when he introduced me to Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Laughing over the lyrics of the most accessible songs -- like Twisted -- was the thing that cracked open the world of jazz for me. (My absolute favorite of theirs was Gimme That Wine, though she's not the lead on it.)
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This was fantastic.
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