I Just Want to Ride
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I had to smile when I saw her putting her fries in her top bar bag. I remember doing the Paris Brest Paris in 2007, and while it was a shorter, less epic ride, all of the other constraints of having to be self-sufficient, always be moving forward, always having to budget for things like sleep, repairs, and weather hold true. And also, of course, always eating. Always eating. My partner at the time, when greeting me at the finish, was impressed with the number of wrappers, crumbs, stains, just ... odd bits in my bar bag. Just, you know, 80 hours of croissants, quiches, jambon sandwiches stashed and nibbled on in there. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Thanks for this. I don't do as many of these ultramarathon rides anymore but I love watching the documentaries and cheering folks on from the sidelines.

I'll also just say, the fact that Lael has not just done the Tour Divide but multiple times and has done it solo, as a time trial, is a rare level of badassery. So much of distance riding is mental and dealing with how your spirit and your morale can just crash when you're tired, hungry, and alone. Take the pressure of wanting to finish with a personal record along with having to ride for 17 days self-supported, and doing it alone? So much respect.
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She also rode her bike from her house to the start of the Tour Divide. Her house is in Anchorage, Alaska.
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Oh hey, I've done this race! Twice!
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I've thought I've ridden through bad mud before but seeing somebody hose off thick bergs of heavy wet mud that stuck to the tires at 15:50 - I don't think I've ridden through bad mud anymore.
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Thank you for posting this.
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Nicely done video! I'm so glad this type of cycling is getting exposure now.
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