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Red Panda Finder is a database and genealogical reference for red pandas in zoos throughout the world. posted by Fiasco da Gama (15 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
I remember in the 90s when my biggest local zoo in Akron, OH had big announcements and fanfare “We have Pandas in Akron!!!”

And many of us were disappointed at the time, thinking these are just longer raccoons, what’s the big deal.

But damn, I was a callow asshole. Red pandas are awesome and if I’m not mistaken, the only true pandas since giant pandas are now a type of bear (which I also have feelings about). And I’m glad to see they still have one. This is a great resource, thanks!
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Breaking out of lurker mode to say everyone NEEDS to go to the About page and scroll down to the Search Tips section. You can search by pull-up or upside-down pics. That is all.
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They're adorable in pictures and they're even more adorable in person.
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#1. I didn't realize pandas could use the internet.
#2. Oh crap... no its not that... its like a self lookup
#3. Wait does this make this Tinder for Red Pandas?
#4. Pandas can't swipe because pandas can't use the internet...
#5. Then the zookeepers are using this.
#6. The zoo keepers are swiping on pandas?
#7. Insert bestiality worries.
#8. Now pity the poor pandas that get the left swipe... what makes a panda less desirable?
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Red pandas are the best.

I was visiting my brother in Michigan one summer. It was proposed we should all go to the Detroit Zoo. It was really hot that week and I was not feeling that keen on being outside. My brother said "There are red pandas." I was 'SOLD."

(I want to be clear that I was in my 30s so ...)

I was not disapponted because red pandas are the best.

I do think red pandas, being adorable and awesome, are definitely good ambassadors for conservation and species preservation and those things. And also good ambassadors for being adorable and awesome.

They are pretty good escape artists, though.

The National Zoo had Rusty escape several years ago, but then they sent him off to Front Royal, but he seems to be living the good life there (warning: that's mostly about an adorable red panda baby).

Anyway, I like red pandas.
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And now! Decoder Ring Theater presents -- the continuing adventures of Canada's Greatest Superhero!
The Scourge of the underworld, Hunter of those that prey upon the innocent, that marvelous masked mystery man,
known only as...
The Red Panda!
(sorry, I so rarely get to make that reference)
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Ban this sick filth @Fiasco da Gama
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One of the best Christmas presents I've ever gotten was when Mrs. Example got me one of those zoo experiences where you can help the keepers feed the animals. I HAVE HAND-FED PEAR SLICES TO A RED PANDA, and it was everything I hoped it would be. (Although the struggle not to pet her was both long and mighty.)

Also, you have to love red pandas anyway (it's mandatory), but you have to love them extra because their default threat posture looks like they're saying "HI WANNA HUG?".
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They are the cutest thing in the Bronx zoo, at least I think so.
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Red pandas have some seriously devoted fans. There always seem to be commenters on red panda photos who can recognize and name the critters, so that there's a database like this doesn't surprise me. Love this ♥
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They are the cutest thing in the Bronx zoo, at least I think so.

The ones at the Prospect Park Zoo are even cuter.
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They are pretty good escape artists, though.

We've got one of those too (here's his dating profile)
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this is the greatest! we visited the sequoia zoo up in eureka and saw sumo there, not even knowing that she's a sister to rusty, the red panda who escaped the national zoo back in 2013. i guess sumo also escaped at one point and a red panda up a redwood seems a very serious thing.
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