Get treatment or keep your kids? It shouldn't be a choice
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Mothers who want to get off drugs usually have to give up their children in order to get treatment, but a residential addiction treatment program in Quebec lets mothers live with their children so that they can build their confidence and skills as a parent while getting clean. (Podcast.) It turns out that it's good for newborns with addicted mothers, too: skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding can be as effective as drugs in combating infants' withdrawal symptoms. (Podcast.)
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Just listened to this on the radio—really great initiative and good podcast as usual from White Coat Black Art.

The description of the mom learning through the program how to spend time with her child to increase his happiness instead of just “buying peace” was very poignant. I wish more people had this kind of support.
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It's not a new concept; I briefly worked for a treatment program in Oklahoma in the mid-nineties that operated under the same premise. Unfortunately, the program wasn't run very well and the agency went under a few years after I left.
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This treatment option seems particularly important given Canada's ongoing problem with immediately taking children away from mothers who use drugs -- especially indigenous mothers.
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Do the programs require the women to go on contraception?
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"Do the programs require the women to go on contraception?"

Why should they?
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