Berlin Love Parade - July 13, 2002
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Berlin Love Parade - July 13, 2002 "A million and half techno fans brought together for a day is something you just don’t see in America.... It’s something every American dancer should experience." Can be seen live on
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Yes we Americans prefer to keep that much obnoxiousness dispersed.
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Unless it's Mardi Gras. Seriously, I thought the Love Parade was dead and done with years ago. All the Berliners I know are sick & tired of it, in part because it's officially a "demonstration" rather than a festival and therefore doesn't have to pay for the removal of garbage etc -- the city has to pay, and the city is very, very broke.
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none of you have ever been right? I've been three years in a row, and adore it. missing this year tho. Boohoo.
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I was there, oh about 3 years ago. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Not like Mardi Gras, but still an intense time. I was staying with some german friends and they all asked me constantly to the love parade - I think they thought I would be freaked out by it.
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.. ack.. missed this year.
The first year I went, i was on a float for the duration, at night our float - out of 52 - was picked to be one of eight in a circle around the top DJ's, and we'd stop there and lend or speakers to them for two hours. The entire roundabout was filled of dancing people and I threw water down to them on and them, feeling like a right rock star. ;)
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Actually, it *is* something you see in America...for three days. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival.
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I can't think of any celebration in North America that could come close to the Berlin Love Parade in terms of size at any one moment.
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