“Bana-nana-nana-na na-na (Ay!)”
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Go Bananas, the latest from Little Big (previously), features pigeons, geese, dogs, fish, and a [redacted] used as a musical instrument.
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These folks have to be some kind of KLF-style culture jam, right? The songs are so ludicrously dumb that they come all the way back round to clever, the instrumentation and arrangement sounds simple until you start investigating it and it’s just a fugue of weirdness and internet-era self-referentiality... I keep going “I know this, it sounds just like... no, wait, that’s not real!”

I know Die Antwoord comparisons get made all the time, but Little Big are dumber, smarter, and more fun. Also, less cruel.
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I'm reminded of What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis, but this seems a little more forced in its weirdness
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Oh boy I had no idea how badly I needed this silly fun but I really did. So thanks, Wordshore, for posting it and improving my day.

been hearing a certain horrible voice in my head all morning and this is a much better earworm
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I get as real kick out of Little Big. That said, can somebody explain the lip makeup on the one band member? He wears it in many of their videos and it kind of looks like a form of blackface.
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the birds with arms were a nice touch
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Anton Lissov’s lipstick is almost definitely a reference to this Alexander McQueen look
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Is Olympia still with the band? She hasn't been in the last couple of videos.
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