Trump’s base and the Enquirer’s base just so happened to overlap
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Bad Romance What happened to the National Enquirer after it went all in for Trump? (slColumbia Journalism Review)
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Popbitch's reporting on this is eye-popping. [May be paywalled]
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The Popbitch articles previously.
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back in 2016 I was shopping for distilled water every week at a Winco, which had NE front-and-center at the checkout stand. I'm 100% certain the # of eyeballs seeing that weekly slam on Clinton swung the election in those close states in flyover country.
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Some people trace the current craziness to a universe split caused by firing up the LHC, but I really think it's all because of the demise of the Weekly World News.
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We met at a crummy bar in the Port Authority, where I bought him whiskeys. I can’t say exactly what his job was or when he left—that was a condition of our conversation. Let’s call him Max.

This is delightfully written.
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Could there be anyone more aptly named than David Pecker?
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Amongst many others, David Icontributedgleefullytothecrueleststupidesttimeline begs to differ
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