Greatness ensued
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At last: the definitive history of the Mikhail Gorbachev Pizza Hut ad.
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TF is happening right now?

Any one else feel like reality has sprung a leak and the 20th century is gushing down the stairs and ruining the carpet?
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Mod note: Deleted a few; please engage with the content of the article rather than just grinding pre-existing axes about Russian politics.
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The picture in the link is like avtorskii plakat and comic-sans.

Gorby realized old AGITPROP had to be softened.
"Agitprop (Otdel agitatsii i propagandy)
Agitation and Propaganda Department, established by the Central Committee of the party in 1920. Absorbed by the Ideological Department in 1988. The term agitprop means the use of mass media to mobilize the public to accomplish the regime's demands."

So, pizza and peace.
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Nice link and my Russian co-worker told me old Russian proverb.

Do not use the past to merely criticize the present.
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Wasn't there another Pizza Hut/Gorbachev commercial when PH came out with that horrifying cheese-filled crust? "Gorbachev took us to the edge!" cries a babushka, as everyone holds up their Cheez-Stuft-Crust Pizzas (or whatever they were called). Or am I having a Berenstain/Berenstein moment?
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That Man in the White House did an ad for stuffed crust. Don't remember a Gorby one.

(I like PH stuffed crust. I know that someday, I will pay for my sins.)
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The Trump ad for stuffed crust pizza is linked in the article.
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This is an update of an oldish axiom I formulated during the 70's: Don't send General Westmoreland where you should send Colonel Sanders.
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When Achilles wins, he drags you around the walls of your city behind his chariot.

When capitalism wins, it makes you star in a Pizza Hut commercial.
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Capitalism could've done worse: If we'd sent over Cici's or Domino's first, they'd've been putting those statues right back up.
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Got to link the wonderful '90s Damon Hill/Murray Walker Pizza Hut ad here too.
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