“But it’s the memories that matter.”
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In 1969, a group of boys played a Thanksgiving football game. 50 years later, they're still at it. [The Journal Times] “The actual competition is totally secondary. It’s all about some old friends gathering for an hour or so, keeping a tradition alive and needling the heck out of each other during games that have ranged from lively to virtually lifeless. As Botzau, a Racine attorney, points out, “Depending on the weather and schedules, participation in the game has ranged from eight to 28 players. Games have been played in weather ranging anywhere from two feet of snow to 50 degrees. Participants have included teachers, lawyers, accountants, X-ray technicians, basketball referees and city bus drivers. Sideline and end zone markers typically consist of empty milk jugs and cardboard boxes.””
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Lovely story, Fizz.
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One thing I missed out on as a military brat was that sense of home. I can't even fathom something like this, because I never lived anywhere more than a few years growing up. Great story.
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