A Disney Monopoly Is A Problem (According To Disney's Recess) [18:31]
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Disney nearly has a monopoly in the film industry. Let’s talk about that with a little help from TJ. Excellent additional reading in the description of the video as well.
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That was less a critique of Disney and more a love letter to Recess with a side of dissing community, but if you enjoyed Recess, whether as a child or as an adult (look, it's a very well done show and it came on after Kim Possible so stop judging me already) then it is fun to watch.
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The segment about Community wasn't even exactly a diss, at the end he says he likes the show, but it was a lengthy diversion that didn't seem to connect up with the main point. I think the rest does go on to give a decent overview of the emerging problems with Disney owning so much of the market and it's pretty cheeky to use one of their own products to do it. This channel wasn't on my radar, thanks for making the post!
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There was certainly a first half/second half feeling about the video. Since this is my nephew I'll refrain from further (no doubt biased) judgment. I will say however, if you're a film buff with an interest in story by all means view the the channel.

In this uncle's opinion, there are a few gems.
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(look, it's a very well done show and it came on after Kim Possible so stop judging me already)

It was a very well done show! Don't apologize! ABC/Disney was doing some good stuff in the late 90s/early aughts. (I also was fond of Fillmore, a show about a kid in his school's safety patrol that was a glorious spoof of crime procedurals like Law and Order.)
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Oh right, Recess. The "Change the channel because Kim Possible's over" series. I hear it was pretty...after Kim Possible.
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