Architectural Gingerbread Houses
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No big weekend plans? Try one of these architecturally inspired gingerbread house designs.

Fallingwater Is my favorite!
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And/or, if you're in London, you can go and check out this year's Gingerbread City, as mentioned in the Zaha Hadid Architects entry. It's at Somerset House this year, and this is the opening weekend.
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That list got seriously less dramatic after number 3.
posted by rickw at 6:49 AM on December 6, 2019

I wish the guggenheim had color pictures. I love the palm beach house, and that they just used a solid bar of pink chocolate as the door, it translates so well
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That went from wow and haha, never in a million years could I to hmm . . . maybe with a lot patience and do-overs . . . .

Or I could just let my niece cover the gingerbread with M&Ms, hard candies, fragments of candy canes, and Andes candies like we usually do.
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This is very timely for me, because we're having our annual gingerbread house competition and work and I need to defend my first place title. Thanks!
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See also: last year's McGingerbread Hell Gingerbread House Competition winners.
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I like the idea of playing with food, but is there a savory version? Cha siu baohaus?
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These are fun, but nothing will top the gingerbread Hogwarts (and dragon, whomping willow, flying car, etc) I saw a free years ago. I'd love to see another themed one, where chefs and architects are all working on a theme together.
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ArkDes museum in Stockholm has an annual gingerbread house contest. This year's entries are kind of a mixed bag, with volcanoes way over represented.
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St. Oops - I ❤️ those!
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