Moment by moment, the work goes on.
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The youngest Vuntut Gwitchin chief in recent history only moved back to his home community six years ago after a difficult childhood on the streets of Whitehorse. Now, he's sharing his story of hardship and hope. Dana Tizya-Tramm is our Northerner of the Year.
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Great post, I hope more people read it
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Great story. Another eloquent voice for climate defense can't hurt.
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This was a good piece. Thanks for this.

Here's a radio interview with him about his encounter with Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (Murkowski's a proponent of oil and gas exploration on caribou calving grounds in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge).

Also, I came across this a while back and this feels like a good place to leave it:

Bhangra in Old Crow (Yukon) by Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm and Gurdeep Pandher
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thank you for sharing this
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I had the privilege to attend a talk given by one of the Vuntut Gwitchin elders a few months ago. The talk was about his tribe's societal rules and native religion, and how those principles can be applied to any life. It was incredibly moving. Additionally, he outlined the cultural heritage that was disrupted by the residential schools and stressed the dramatic impacts that climate change has had on their way of life, which was heartbreaking and eye-opening. I'm glad to see this community getting more attention in the media.
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In the popular imagination, fed by Hollywood tales of addiction and redemption, recovery is a sharp left turn: a powerful moment, a switch flipped, and a new path to salvation. But the truth of extricating yourself from a life you don’t want is much messier, and more gradual. Moments of realization are not always followed by action. The path, when it arrives, is not perfect or linear.

This. And the same goes for what he's doing now. It will not be linear or quick, but in acknowledging that and persevering in doing the work to save his people's land and heritage is how true healing and deep change comes about. Bless this man and his people in their work.
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