A Diary of a Young African Man
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To be young is to have hope. So all these hindrances did not deter Kagwa from pursuing his interests. He was a keen member of the very local soccer league, replete with its own legends, and of their occasional jogging gang. He also knew where to buy the most lethal strains of moonshine, which was to be his undoing. By Kalundi Serumaga
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While the writing on this is very good - probably some of the best I've read this year - it feels unfinished. It does the job of painting a picture, but leaves the details undone. Particularly the ending, and what comes after. A story like this deserves to be more, a full-length article or (gasp) even a documentary movie.
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Thanks for this post. A very sad story, but what an interesting magazine. I've quite a few articles bookmarked now. Old'nBusted, I think what you perceive as incompleteness may not be seen that way by the intended readership, for whom the context is familiar and understood.
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