John Ashcroft: activist attorney.
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John Ashcroft: activist attorney. Long and revealing article about Ashcroft's "my morals and religious beliefs first and law second" political history.
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Preaching to the choir. Anyone on MeFi who doesn't already think that Ashcroft is a loony toon is not going to be convinced of anything short of him dancing naked in the reflecting pool while spreading peanut butter on himself.
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Bad... mental...picture...must...purge!
Damn you McBain, straight to the 9th circle
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If "Islamism" is the imposing of militant Islamic ideas on everyone, then can we call what John Ashcroft is doing "Christianism"? Just wondering.
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laz-e-boy: I think so, but I think they'll be more insulted if you call them 'talibanistic'.
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Skallas: thank you for linking to the print version

Ashcroft's tactic is actually typical of leftist activist attorneys and judges: legislating from the courtroom. Rather than determining and interpreting how the law applies to cases, these activists (especially Supreme Court justices at the state and federal level) are content to use the power of the courts to write new law. I think part of the reason attention is being paid to Ashcroft is because his activism is right-leaning, which is atypcial of judiciary activism.

"Ashcroft, 60, was born in 1942, the son and grandson of ministers of the Assemblies of God, the world's largest Pentecostal church."

*Plumbers voice* "Yup, thats yer problem right there!
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>I think part of the reason attention is being paid to Ashcroft is because his activism is right-leaning, which is atypcial of judiciary activism.

I think it is more than "right-leaning" because he so openly claims that religion is his motivation. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it were more libertarian right leaning activism.
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Here in Missouri we are so very glad to be rid of him, but are also sorry that the rest of the country has to be subjected to him. What was once Missouri's embarrassment is now the entire country's.
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I disagree with some of your statements. Right-leaning or left-leaning assumes a democratic form of government. What Ashcroft represents and advocates (as do many others, such as Scalia) is theocracy replacing democracy. This is much scarier than right or left activism and your characterizations trivialize that major point. Thank you for listening.
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I have fantasies of the following scene:

Ashcroft is giving a speech, to a rapt-appearing audience. His manner is confident, as he believes he is spreading the Holy Word of God Himself.

Then, slowly, carefully, a few people interspersed throughout the crowd remove something from a bag they are holding.

As Ashcroft's face turns white and he begins to stammer, people look around to see what's wrong.

Then it becomes clear: not everyone in the crowd loves Ashcroft. Some of them think he's truly evil. And they have performed a silent protest.

Each protester holds in his or her arms....

... a content, happy, purring calico cat.

[Ashcroft thinks calico cats are a sign of the devil, for those who don't get it.]
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nofundy: we are responding to different things. I don't care what Ashcroft is pushing, I'm bothered by the fact that he is pushing anything. He's a part of the executive branch and actively involved with the judiciary. I have a problem with the practice of writing law from his office, you have a problem with the kind of law being written. I am as equally opposed to Janet Reno using the office of Attorney General to create a 'workers paradise' as I am to Ashcroft's attempts to create a so-called theocracy.
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I have fantasies of the following scene:

here's (one of) mine: Jesus stops by Ashcroft's office one day and punches him squarely in the nose.
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Thanks for clearing that up insomnyuk.
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