How To Fillet Every Fish
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34 minutes of how to fillet many kinds of fish.
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I used to be a chef, and on a regular basis I filleted most or all of the fish he shows. Mike Cruz's manner is pleasant, his style straight-forward & educational.
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Nice. None-narrated fish filleting videos is something i find incredibly relaxing. Just watching someone working with their hands is something i really enjoy so whether its knife smitning, dog grooming or wood turning I really don't care. Here is Nara hirokazu cutting up a squid
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Yay, I like this, even the trumpet toots. Another good one is the Handcrafted Bon Appetit videos on Amazon Prime; the sushi one in particular has lots of information about preparing different fish, not just filleting but lightly brined, or pickled, or torch seared, or salt torched.
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This is terrific and useful.

I was once knife-shamed when my filet knife wasn't sharp enough for the task, and it took me on a personal journey of sharpening the shit out of my knives whenever I think of it.
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I am a little afraid to watch this-- I cut fish full time for about 5 years and part time for another 15-ish. I am sure you are very skilled growabrain but the vast majority of chefs I interacted with were terrible at filleting. This is may be specific to 1990s restaurant culture in the SF Bay area, which is where the wholesalers I worked for were based.
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@pagrus how oddly specific
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"Knife goes in, guts come out"
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