Translating “handfuls” and “pinches” to cups and teaspoons
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This was wonderful. I found so much to relate to: I didn’t speak until I was older, school bullies, got to reinvent myself, had some meaningful moments with my dad when I came out of the closet. I also told people to pronounce my name differently than everyone in my family because I thought I’d get teased less (didn’t work in my case but it does help people spell it so I keep pronouncing it this way). I have a similar memory of talking to my family on June 26, 2015.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with Bon Appétit but this is exactly what I love about good food writing. I can taste the dishes he talks about as I read. Also, those childhood pictures make my heart ache in a good way.
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I caught this article a few weeks ago and it's stuck with me since, it's so good.

Also reading this makes you really notice the way Andy lights up like a kid in a candy store when he tastes something he enjoys in a video, you can see the kid he describes being come through.
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What a lovely article! There's just something so hopeful about his last lines that really rang out to me:
"For as many moments of clarity as there have been, there have been periods of shame and confusion and out-of-season peaches. All I can do to move through them is to try to set my doubts aside, get back to the kitchen, and cook"
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This was, indeed, lovely.

And as a bonus, there's a video on the page where he walks you through making tachin, a baked rice dish, and it looked intriguing enough that I have tracked down where he published the recipe and have made my own notes about an attempt (the recipe calls for a dried Iranian berry called "barberries", and he suggests dried tart cherries as a substitute - but I found myself thinking "Hang on, how about dried cranberries?").

I also find myself wishing Anthony Bourdain were still with us so we could team the two of them up for something, because that conversation would have been fascinating.
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Love him, and what a lovely interview.
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I've become a huge fan of the Bon Appetit YouTube channel - they have great personalities and seem to have such fun with what they're doing. Andy's definitely one of my favorites - it's so great to learn more about him in this piece. I can relate to a lot of it!

And those pictures of baby Andy are so adorable!
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Great story. And now I want to make the crispy saffron rice
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Thank you so much for sharing this! Andy is such a dear (also: the cranberry sauce sumac drama!) and this is such a thoughtful essay.
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