"Kids in the Hall: Braincandy"
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"Kids in the Hall: Braincandy" is finally being released on DVD today! Sadly, it appears to be barren of any added extras, interviews or commentaries. This release is only just making me more anxious for the criminally underrated "The Wrong Guy" (starring and co-written by KITH member Dave Foley) that is scheduled to come out on September 24th. It is a must see for Kids in the Hall fans and the troops absurd brand of humour. (I won't even get into my insane anticipation for the perpetually postponed Mr.Show movie "Run Ronnie Run!")
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it's a pill... that gives worms... to ex girlfriends!
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I still refer to Tums & Rolaids as Stummies.
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Run Ronnie Run is rumored to be baaaaaaaa-ad-- it crashed 'n' burned at Sundance. Typical review, from the Toronto Star: " saw the film's premiere at Sundance in January and found it so painfully mirthless I'm considering suing Robert Redford for two stolen hours of my life." After the festival New Line shelved the flick, so no one knows if or when it will be released.

The good news, though, is that because HBO has a financial stake in the movie and wanted it to succeeed, the finally released Mr. Show on DVD.
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If you haven't seen the Wrong Guy, go find it. It might take some effort, but it's totally worth it.

In case you haven't heard of it, and I'm pretty sure you haven't, it's about a guy (Dave Foley) who is convinced everyone thinks he killed his boss, so he goes on the run. Let the zany hijinx ensue.

It's one of my all-time favourites.
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You know... I don't get the whole Mr. Show thing. Maybe it's just me, but I rented the first season on DVD, and except for a few funny moments with Jack Black, it all seems a bit... over-rated.

Did it get funnier in the second season?
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Can we petition for a DVD release of Strangers with Candy?
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A different reaction, though, from the CineVegas Film Festival.

Also, ya'll are brutalizing me.
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Kids in the Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses (Amazon listing) is tour video documenting their 2000 tour. I really enjoyed it, but I think I fit under the label of insane fan. I mean, I rented "It's Pat" just to see Dave Foley.
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Did it get funnier in the second season?

Actually, it did. I've got the season 1 & 2 dvds here, and their first stuff had some gems, but they were still exploring the new medium (going from weird standup show to tv).

In the 3-4 seasons that followed (I forget how long it went, or how many shows/season there were, but there weren't too many), they really hit a groove, the humor got more focused and the situations got more surreal.

I'm a huge Mr. Show fan, but I was kind of bummed with the new DVDs. They're just scratching the surface of the best stuff they did (although, I must admit the Jeepers Creepers piece is one of the best moments from the entire series). I used to have realvideo copies of 10+ mr show episodes, and none of them were on the new dvd.

Any word on HBO releasing more seasons of Mr. Show?

Also: I've been awaiting the release of brain candy for some time. woot!
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Unsure about subsequent seasons on DVD, but you can likely catch Mr. Show Live: Hooray for America in a city (not mine) near you.

You can go "see the shit out of it."
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I'm wetter than I've ever been...and I'm from Canada!
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Also of notable mention to KiTH fans is Dog Park, written and directed by Bruce McCulloch (whose second album, Drunk Baby Project, is about to be released) and also stars Mark McKinney.

I saw the Kids back in May when their tour came to Seattle and they were as funny as ever. The show was some old material (from both the series and the previous tours), some new material, and a blend of the two. Earlier that day, I also hung around at Scarecrow Video (a few blocks from my apartment) long enough to have them autograph my copy of Same Guys, New Dresses. (No, they didn't take my pen.)

The guys laughed (hopefully out of appreciation rather than cold-hearted ridicule) when I thanked them all for making unemployment bearable.
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We beat penicillin!

Yeah, we kick it's ass.

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For what it's worth, I'd lump that "Strangers with Candy" show into the same category. Other people seem to think it's funny... but I don't get it. (Oh well.)

For true KiTH-related silliness, one must definately check out Kevin MacDonald's perfomance in National Lampoon's Senior Trip. Now THAT'S my idea of humor, dammit.
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Thanks, Brittney... sadly, no Toronto show as of yet.

How did Mr. Show do on HBO down there in the States? It was playing up here on our (miserable) Comedy Channel at something like 12 on a friday night, with almost no promotion, so not many know of it.

As for the DVD - the first season seems fairly weak in retrospect. I thought there was plenty of good stuff from the second season, especially Van Hammersley, and yeah, Jeepers Creepers, which has been growing on me. The commentary tracks are pretty funny, esp. hearing their "acting coach."

Can't wait for the next disc - if it contains the Dalai Lama rap-off against the fat kids camp.
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Can't wait for the next disc - if it contains the Dalai Lama rap-off against the fat kids camp.

That was from the fourth season. God, that was brilliant.

"Okay, cut the shit! All right, we've got our work cut out for us. Tomorrow is the Big 500 Summer Olympican, and we've got to figure out how we're going to beat those rich snobs from the fat kids camp!"

The fourth season was pretty brilliant-- it also brought us Taint Porn. "Fuck yeah, that wide!"
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Kids fans should also check out Bruce McDonald's TV series Twitch City. Bruce McCulloch (and later Mark McKinney apparently) plays a TV talk show host. Excellent stuff.
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The Kids are the true successors to Monty Python's Flying Circus and should be revered as such, dammit!

Also, terriers are my very favorite breed.

That was supposed to be fixed.
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is chicken-lady on it? i like chicken-lady.
(not much of a contribution, i know, but it has been a long time sonce i saw it, eh).
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The latest word from a New Line cronie regarding Run Ronnie Run is that they're looking at a December release. But again, that could change.

They might be watching to see how the live tour in Sept/Oct goes as well.

Anyway, wow, that makes like a whole THREE bad reviews I've seen of Run Ronnie Run. One of which was just a review of the script.

Most of the reviews/commentary on it I've read were glowing. From Mr. Show fan and non alike.
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