Anti-Slavery International,
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Anti-Slavery International, the world's oldest international human rights organization, says that 27 million people around the world live in slavery. That is a staggering number. (More information on slavery at iAbolish). Also, the OSCE says that the trafficking of humans has become the world's largest illegal business. The advancement of international human rights has a long way to go.
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Interesting how that article starts off talking about slavery and ends up talking about anti-immigration initiatives. Why does this smell funny?
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End Slavery Now!
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Don't forget the connection between oil and the Sudan.

Foreign oil companies are instrumental in supporting the Sudanese regime, including their home countries like China who supply the government with arms, and Sweden, which sits on the UN Human Rights Commission (and of course, the U.S. has turned a blind eye towards the human rights violations of the Sudan now that the oh-so-trustworthy government in Khartoum has promised to help fight the war on terror).
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I figured it out! The end all to all of our problems and especially this one!

Let's just bomb them!

Lets bomb the slaves and the slave owners! That way the slave owners get whats coming to them, and the slaves wont be around to be captured anymore!

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Satapher, I think your bizarre rant scared people away from a well-done post.
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