Is it boiling hot?
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Readers Of A Certain Age will remember one if the internet’s early viral videos, featuring the bloodthirsty and rapping Radiskull and Devil Doll. Their creator, Joe Sparks, has a tendency to disappear from the internet for years at a time, but can currently be found at with new content including a remastered advertisement from the aughts, an alternate script, and an animated music video.Previously, previously, previously, previously.
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Bring on the pain!
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I was totally confused by the framing and then realized that Shockwave (dot COM!) was nearly 20 years ago now. Oof.
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Oh hell yeah!
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Eek eek!

So my family had a subscription to Yahoo! Magazine back in the pre-millineum days when getting internet info from a print magazine made sense. All of us - parents and preteen kids - discovered Radiskull and Devil Doll through there and couldn't WAIT for the new installments to come out. When it stopped updating, it was as devastating as when Homestar Runner stopped updating a few years later.

Recently my artistic little sister posted some Radiskull and Devil Doll fanart and Joe Sparks somehow found it and commented on it, and she just told us about it yesterday and it made our Christmas! Mid-to-late-60s parents and mid20s/early30s kids - all overtaken with a wave of Devil Doll nostalgia. I'm feeling warm fuzzy feelings just posting about it.
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It’s boiling hot! Just the way you like it!
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Nature's candy!
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