July 16, 2002
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We are burning irreplacable fuel for energy at an alarming rate. Commerce is being conducted by crooks. Five members of the house commitee on energy and commerce are upset, but not about that. They're upset about this. I love my government. It's so amusing.
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amusing in a sort of driven to drink whiskey until you pass-out please god no make it stop sort of way.
posted by th3ph17 at 5:00 PM on July 16, 2002

These are of course the very same people who passed the "life sentences for hackers" bill, claiming that a computer mouse had the potential destructive power of a bullet or a bomb. Nobody ever said you had to be bright to get elected to office.
posted by MAYORBOB at 6:15 PM on July 16, 2002

Well, veteran oil people are observing that oil wells that ran dry years ago, are full again, and pumping.
posted by norm1153 at 7:27 PM on July 16, 2002

Yeah... what makes you think that oil is irreplaceable? There's no evidence that it's biological in origin, despite what you might've learned in grade school. (I know that's not the point of your little rant, but whatever...)
posted by ph00dz at 8:31 PM on July 16, 2002

Got to be the "Liberal Media"'s fault.
posted by acridrabbit at 9:17 PM on July 16, 2002

Yeah... what makes you think that oil is irreplaceable?

I dunno, maybe because the 'end of oil is nigh!' has been bandied about since the 70's? There will always be '10 to 15 years' of oil left, its just that energy companies don't want to uncover it all at once, that would make the price drop below 'acceptable' levels. There is no clear evidence that oil is even really a non-renewable resource, what with underwater oil geysers and what-not.

I want my diesel hybrid pickup (imagine 35 mpg on a full-size Chevy, hot damn!), though. The efficiency of a compact car but the power of pick-up. You can't ask for much more, unless of course you wish nobody drove cars and just did subsistence farming, instead (yes Peter Singer, I mean you)
posted by insomnyuk at 11:02 PM on July 16, 2002

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