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Originally starting as an online pilot, one of the big surprises from Cartoon Network in 2019 was Infinity Train - a show that started as a fantastical adventure with accidental protagonist Tulip that became a meditation on grief and how it is approached, packing a lot of ground into its 10 episode initial run. Both the concept and the original run left the door open for more stories on the Train, and thus with a trailer and preview of the first episode Cartoon Network has announced a second season, titled Book Two.

The second season combines both new and old - the season centers around new passenger Jesse, but also features one of the major dangling plot threads from the first season in the form of Mirror Tulip ("MT"), who had pulled herself out of the reflections of the Chrome Car to have a life beyond being Tulip's reflection - and violated the laws of mirror society in doing so.
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Oh wow, I was hoping we'd get more of this. The first season was great, endlessly creative and very touching.
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There's also a bunch of shorts done by One-One about various cars where they dropped a number of hints about Book Two.
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I'm glad they're making more of this and also that it's also becoming an anthology series rather than The Continuing Adventures of Tulip. I love Tulip as a character but she had a really satisfying conclusion and I'd rather she not keep being the focus of the show.
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Fanfare post for Season 2, Episode 1 ("The Black Market Car"). While the official air date for the episode is 1/7, Cartoon Network has made it available via their app currently.
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The first season was surprisingly good. I'm looking forwards to binging the second one sometime soon like we did the first.
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Thank you for sharing ^^
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This post reminded me about the show, so my family and I binged season 1 last night. It's awesome! Reminds me of a more video game/sci-fi focused Over the Garden Wall, which is high praise from me.
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