Score one for the good guys.
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Score one for the good guys. has been returned to its rightful owner.
posted by ratbastard (5 comments total)
At I see a title graphic and navigation column, but no page content (IE 6). At, the quota for whois searches has been exceeded. I suggest waiting until the owner of has something to post at his own domain.
posted by fleener at 8:06 AM on July 17, 2002

hmm, both links worked for me.

This is great news, and great to hear a registrar was easy to work with.
posted by mathowie at 8:09 AM on July 17, 2002

That's MY man! Congrats to Leslie!!!!!
posted by IPLawyer at 2:24 PM on July 17, 2002

fleener, you may have caught me during an update. Everything works fine now, although I admit the page design is pretty dodgy for some browsers.
posted by mikewas at 5:45 AM on July 18, 2002

I can read it now. Glad to hear you got the domain back. I'm surprised to hear did the good work. They spammed my telephone a couple times, so I'll never use their services.
posted by fleener at 8:15 AM on July 18, 2002

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