Being In Total Charge of Herself
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Idelisse Malavé and Joanne Sandler are on Season 5 of their podcast Two Old Bitches.
Lucero Gonzalez – The Feminist Who Could: she spends her time curating the ever-growing virtual Museum of Mexican Women Artists and producing a documentary about the creation of el Colectivo La Revuelta- a feminist newspaper. (Season 5)
Katherine Acey - Will the Elders Please Stand? Acey headed the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice for over 20 years and, most recently, the GRIOT Circle, a people of color LGBTQ elders organization. Now, a senior research fellow at the Barnard Center for Research on Women, Katherine is exploring a new topic, “What’s Age Got to Do With It?” (Season 1)

Discovered via Healing Justice podcast episode #42 featuring both Idelisse Malavé and Joanne Sandler (full transcript)

Idelisse on "bitchcraft" practices:
Always have younger friends, younger and older. You know, I read somewhere that you should have at least one friend for every decade of life, right? I have a handful of friends in their 20s easing into their 30s and then another handful in their 30s easing into their 40s, right? They are just amazing. And adrienne maree brown is one of those. And she was the first person who ever described me as an elder, right? When I met her, I think I was 60-something. And I was at this training, and it was very kind of low point in my life where I was just feeling old and kind of you know, what am I gonna do now in my life? And we did this, we had this wonderful session. We were at the end of the session. We're reporting back about how we feel now, right? And you do all these exercises, right? So I think I said something like, “I came in like a downtrodden matron, and I'm leaving as radiant hottie.”
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Tomorrow I'll be having brunch with a friend whose mother is younger than I am. This is a great theme for a FPP, thank you, I'll be diving into the links
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Thank you for this! This is exactly the kind of podcast I need in my audio arsenal!
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Thank you. I've been meaning to listen to Healing Justice and this is a good push, plus a new one to add to my list.
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Love this, thanks for posting!
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