The Zora Canon
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As a librarian, I appreciate this very much. I will print this out and keep it at the reference desk with me. Thank you for posting.
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What a fantastic list. So many great books, so many books I've never heard of. Thank you for sharing!

This is the thinking that casts Black women’s writing as the broccoli of literature, something you consume for virtue’s sake, not because you relish the taste. I read Black women because I was hungry for us, and I liked our tastes.
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I'm kind of sad that there are only two comments on this post after one day!

I spent a bit of time yesterday reading through the list and putting it all into a google sheet so I can mark them off as I read them. I am a total completist when it comes to lists like this, so while it'll definitely take me a long time to get through them all (there are only a couple that I've already read), I am excited to give it a go.

Thank you so much for sharing!
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I've read more of these than I expected--mostly the feminist stuff and modern nonfiction, plus some of the literary fiction when I was in college and it was required reading. Looking forward to filling in some of the gaps.
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