Tonight you dine with the fishes
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Snøhetta Designs An Extraordinary Underwater Restaurant In Norway
Oslo-based architects Snøhetta has completed a semi-submerged restaurant in southern Norway. ‘Under’ is the first of its kind, a 34 meter concrete monolith providing a unique dining experience with panoramic subaqueous views.
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Well, my bucket list just grew by one.
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It looks like the cafeteria for the staff of a Bond villain's lair. In a good way.
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Norway has kinda gone all out in the last several decades building wondrous modernist eyecandy. A good example set: Norway's Resplendent Rest Stops. And of course, the hotel that was used as the set for Ex Machina
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"Jeg vil ha kapteinsfatet."

-Kristoffer Throndsen
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oh my, just the excellent video of the surf, seined through coastal rocks is wonderful.
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seems cruel to eat the seafood under the eyes of the ocean creatures. at least at my ramen joint, we have pork in front of the aquarium.
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Great link.

Better article title.

Also: Major "Arrival" vibes.
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Does this feel tacky and offensive to anyone else? Like, we've screwed up the land so let's start building in the ocean? Not that we haven't screwed that, too. Maybe I'm just grumpy today.
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I know I’m missing the point entirely, but I don’t see a parking lot in that aerial view. Is it just far away and you (or the valet) have to walk the final half mile? Does a reservation come with shuttle service? Is it along a bus line? Is it only accessible by bicycle?
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I see zero fishes.
posted by bonobothegreat at 9:57 PM on January 11

But they see what you're doing. And they don't approve.
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According to the restaurant's website there's parking at the Lindesnes Havhotell, which is 300 meters away.

Here are some more pix at Archdaily.
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There seem to be any number of underwater restaurants (CN Traveler) around the world (, for various definitions of "underwater."
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Yeah, first of it's kind how? I've been to the underwater restaurant in the Maldives. It was pretty neat. Only for lunch though.. for dinner you have to be a guest at the hotel, which is crazy expensive.
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