Here's how Iowa celebrates a 70-degree day in the middle of March
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The journalist Ken Fuson died January 3rd. A writer for the Des Moines Register, Balitmore Sun, and other outlets, he pinned his own poignant and hilarious obituary.

His colleague Daniel Finney penned a remembrance, as did his former colleague Roy Peter Clark.

I hadn't realized that Fuson was the author of the (alluded to in his obituary) one-sentence story about the weather that the post title is taken from (printed in full in Clark's remembrance).
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Alternative title: "No, he didn't win a Pulitzer Prize, but he's dead now, so get off his back."
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I’m not so sure there’s such a thing as dying a good death but there is such a thing as a good obituary.

Godspeed Ken, every Pulitzer I win will be dedicated to you.
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The one-sentence weather story. (semicolons are cheating)
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Pssst: it's Daniel Finney, not Fenney. He had the sad task of writing two remembrances on the same day, both about people he clearly revered. Here's the other one.
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Whoopsie, flagged my own post for that misspelling of Finney's name -- mods?
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Mod note: Fixed!
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After the Pimlico joke, I was actively unprepared for the swerve into the gambling addiction. I’m glad he stayed clean and happy about it; I’ve never been able to figure out whether I’d be able to resist leaping back into my addictions if I caught a terminal diagnosis.
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Also, checking in for what will probably be the only non-political Des Moines post I'll ever see on the blue.
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not religious myself but his description of what his personal faith and his faith community meant to him was beautiful.
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I'd never seen that one-sentence weather report and wow does it make my Iowa heart just about burst, it's so beautiful and true.

Thank you for sharing this, sad as it is. There was much gladness in and around him, and knowing his voice and story, even only after his passing, has made this cold Iowa Sunday warmer.
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