Rusty Rogues
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Herbert Wolverson has written an incredibly detailed soup to nuts guide on how to construct a full-blown roguelike game from scratch, in Rust.
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I just forwarded this to my pal who teaches game design.
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Rust! I've been looking into it lately, this might be just the thing I need.
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*projects I would love to do but never will ;_;
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Hopefully on of these days I can trade C++ for Rust at my 9 to 5.
Until then, I guess this.

Though I might port my physics engine over to it, like I did to learn C#.
posted by The Power Nap at 8:36 PM on January 11

Huh, I've both thought "I should really learn a bit of Rust" and "I should totally make a roguelike", so this is straight up my alley. Thanks!
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