Rusty Rogues
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Herbert Wolverson has written an incredibly detailed soup to nuts guide on how to construct a full-blown roguelike game from scratch, in Rust.
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I just forwarded this to my pal who teaches game design.
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Rust! I've been looking into it lately, this might be just the thing I need.
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*projects I would love to do but never will ;_;
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Hopefully on of these days I can trade C++ for Rust at my 9 to 5.
Until then, I guess this.

Though I might port my physics engine over to it, like I did to learn C#.
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Huh, I've both thought "I should really learn a bit of Rust" and "I should totally make a roguelike", so this is straight up my alley. Thanks!
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So over the past couple weeks I have been picking at this, and it seems like it is being changed in real time. Which on one hand is cool because it keeps it up to date, but on the other hand it switched some of the code around on me when I wasn't expecting it and then couldn't figure out why my code wasn't compiling.
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(Which to be fair, I was using the web version of the tutorial, and probably should have downloaded the git repo to have a static copy)
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