So, is it illegal to buy underwear from teenagers?
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So, is it illegal to buy underwear from teenagers?
[ Courtesy of Beth's Bad Hair Days, to whom I owe a link for pointing out The Breast Chronicles to me. ]
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Let the punishment fit the crime

posted by PaperCut at 9:42 PM on May 27, 2000

I'd just sentence him to *wear* the stuff, in public, for a month.

I just thought that everybody overreacted. "The girls are doing fine". Of *course* they're doing fine. They just looked at him and said "*Duh*"...
posted by baylink at 9:56 AM on May 28, 2000

i dont think it's overreacting to be upset that a strange man bought the underwear right off a middle school girl. that is really fucked up. that man is a predator and should be arrested. this is the kind of incident that the man will gain confidence from -- his next crime might not be so benign. it's like kids who torture kittens growing up to be serial killers.
posted by palegirl at 12:24 PM on May 28, 2000

My point, Rebekah, was that *the girls* obviously weren't especially messed up by it... until *everyone told them that they ought to be*.

*So many* of our neuroses come from people telling us that we *ought* to be weak, even when we are strong. And I, for one, am getting a little sick of that.
posted by baylink at 10:58 AM on May 29, 2000

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