"Beyond all we can understand lies The Extraordinary"
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If you're looking for another mystery program, you might enjoy The Extraordinary (Wikpedia; IMDb), an Australian program that is similar to the U.S. program Unsolved Mysteries, but with more Australian stories and ghosts. TV.com notes that the show focuses on scientific skepticism with host Warwick Moss investigating the unknown, and "The season ends with Moss heading to Roswell NM to get the scoop on the UFO crash landing of 1947 and checking out a ghost that appears in a Melbourne rock band's music video." The show itself is a bit of an internet mystery, with little information online, but luckily a fan of the show has uploaded 47 episodes (playlist).
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I used to watch something like this in the UK but I'm not sure what it was. I think it was Strange But True. I have a memory of an episode where people were driving and I must have created a false memory because they said there was a monk's chest floating outside the car. I have an image in my head of that happening too. A monk's actual chest.

Anyway I just had to get that out, this show reminds me of it.
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I failed to mention in the OP that unlike Unsolved Mysteries, the early episodes feature a number of notable people, with Telly Savalas talking about his own ghostly encounter in the first episode.

But mostly I posted this because I appreciate seeing ghost stories and mysterious experiences beyond the US and UK.
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I have an image in my head of that happening too. A monk's actual chest.

Sounds like the folks at Engram Control screwed up the erase-and-replace procedure!
They'll be in touch to sort you out soon but while you're waiting please keep repeating "There was no monks chest!" to yourself.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
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