A totally new artistic space was opened up
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Holy god!! These are beautiful. And it is by no means hard to find ones akin to these if not the exact ones. This era of literature also happens to be my favorite to read so I am constantly looking for wonderful editions like these. They are often quite durable as well, with good type.

Unfortunately every once in a while you track down one beauty only to find out the usual cost is five figures. Some day!!
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Wow to all of these but Too Curious is simply fantastic.
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Designer: Today I will make the greatest book cover of the 19th century.

Publisher (by telegraph): I have a job for you.

Designer: What's the title?

Publisher: "Dress and Care of the Feet"

Designer: ...

Designer: OK, got it.
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A++ request that this becomes an Instagram account I can follow.
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Very cool, thanks for bringing it.
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