Tear-Gas Gelato, Foulmouthed Mooncakes and Other Foods for a Revolution
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One dessert place invites front liners who are low on cash to “come be food testers.” A steamed-rice crepe shop offers a free meal to anyone who hands in a yellow Post-it that says, “I love Hong Kong”; at one burger joint, you’re comped a meal if you whisper to a staffer: “Hong Kong, ga yau!” — “add oil,” a term of encouragement among protesters.
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I lived right across the border from HK for several years back in the pre-Olympic era, things have changed so much! I don't feel like I know enough about Hong Kong and China anymore to have nuanced opinions, but the ability of HK's youth to organize and fight for the rights they were promised under the Basic Law is inspiring. I am hopeful that the mainland's tilt towards authoritarianism is not permanent, and believe that HK can still be an important example and symbol for the rest of China. Ga yau!
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This was a great article thanks for posting it. It really got to the heart of how much support a revolution and movement takes, and doing it through the lens of food was brilliant.
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This is a great link. I love stories ostensibly about food but that remind us how many other roles food and food-related things (cooking, restaurants, meals) can play in society.
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Atlas Obscura had a nice piece on this recently, too: To Protest a Feared Extradition Bill, Hongkongers Turn to Mooncakes
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I loved reading this. Food is place, food is family, food is values. Hong Kongers live in one of the world’s best food cities, but that’s far from the only unique attribute of HK that they are fighting to defend. Good on em.
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