Construct, tessellate, admire!
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Mosaic Tilemaker … “introduces students to fundamental concepts of Islamic art and architecture through the exploration and creation of mosaic tile art ”. Includes learning materials and a gallery

(from Qatar Foundation International, via 🐘)
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Thank you so, so, so much for posting this. What an amazing tool and resource!
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Wow, scruss, what amazing resources!

Remind me a bit of the Building the Morroccan Court video. I got obsessed with Zellij tiles at that point - incredible constructed tile panels, where each piece undergoes a lengthy production process, with one of the final steps seeing them individually hammered out from tile squares - one slip and it's wrecked. The end results are utterly splendid.

Youtube led me to quite a few tutorials on Islamic patterns - I think I did this one, which was arduous but oddly peaceful and ultimately rewarding (I was surprised that it ultimately worked out). Can't wait to try out the links! Tanks so much!
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I remember some of this tile work at the Cloisters? I think?
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love this
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if you like this you might also enjoy taprats (gallery), an older java applet which incorporates the ribbon-weaving aspect of traditional designs. described in the paper "computer generated islamic star patterns"
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Oh very nice. If you want a good shortcut, consider using Girih tiles (proto-Penrose tiles) instead with this online generator.
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I suspect that the mischievous hand of autocorrect can be seen in the title given to the pair of minbar doors on this page.
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this is fun and relaxing thank you
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Yes, minbar → minibar happens, alas.

It's about now I should mention tilingsearch and pretty much anything by Eric Broug. This whole subject's a rabbit hole, except the rabbit's galaxy-sized.
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This is an incredible resource; thank you.
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also this: The Topkapi Scroll (Getty Publications)
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Oh that was fun.

See also Engare, a Windows and Mac game of sorts based on symmetries in Islamic art. The puzzle game is pretty simple but then you also get open-ended drawing tools. One of them is similar to the one in this post, but there's others too.
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This is beautiful. Such a cool project. Let's tessellate!
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Oh wow, this is fun! And perfect for the 20+ hours of sitting on aeroplanes I'm about to embark on.
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