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Try and figure out what the hell is happening in FFT Battleground, a twitch stream that's a cross between the classic generative beat-em-up sports betting hijinks of Salty Bet and the turn-based chocobo-adjacent combat of PS1 classic Final Fantasy Tactics.
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I failed to figure out what the hell is happening, but have decided that "Try and figure out what the hell is happening in [X]" is extrememly my jam
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They turned my favorite RPG of all time into a gladiatorial, auto-battling, gambling hall?

Half of me wants to love this forever and half of me wants to go full Jesus-throwing-moneylenders-out-of-the-temple on this.

It has my attention.
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I'd forgotten what a pretty game FFT was, especially for the PS1.
This, however, is madness.
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God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.
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I have come to the conclusion to NEVER try to figure out what the hell is happening on ANY channel, whether it's a live gamestream, a casual Jackbox game, a kittencam, or a marathon of old TV shows (which includes Bob Ross, MST3K, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
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This is more entertaining than I expected.
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One thing I will say is that Saltybet's integrating betting system is miles and miles better... it's very hard to do anything with the betting system in this one other than constant !allin.
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> This, however, is madness.

No, this is Sparta!
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Interesting! But not the Fast Fourier Transform based Battle Royale i was hoping for. I shall gave to work out what that would be, exactly.
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Jon Mitchell : Final Fantasy Tactics. At least that's my assumption not being able to look at the video at work, but the above comment about Ivalice pretty much solves that.
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